A Brief Guide to Your Options

(It’s worth you reading this entire section which will provide you with a better understanding of what is achievable).

Aerial filming is broadly separated into just two categories, Marketing and Survey.

Marketing covers a wide range of applications, from Property, both Residential and Commercial to Tourism and Products.

Survey is usually detailed and analytical in its capture dependent upon the subject being surveyed. We have carried out surveys on waterways, crop growth performance, traffic flow, coastal erosion, legal support and environmental awareness.

Do you need Still Images or Video or maybe both?

We can provide simultaneous capture of both still imaging and video providing you with the best options for use of the material captured.

Image Quality

An understanding of the quality and resolution of the images and or video you require is very important and will partly determine which camera platform is best suited for your needs.

We can provide Still Imaging in UHR (Ultra High Resolution) with a razor sharp 50 mega pixel resolution.

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For video we can provide you with 4K  capture in various output formats including ProRes.


Our Drone and Helicopter operations both utilise a stabilised gimbal to provide silky smooth footage. (Go to our home page to see sample of stabilised video)

Shared Resource

Over the 40 plus years we’ve been working in this industry and helped customers with a shared resource facility. This allows you to let us know what it is you need and if it’s not time sensitive delivery, we will factor your requirement into another job, saving you on costs.

Drone or Helicopter?

Drones are limited to 400ft AGL (Above ground level), whilst a helicopter can operate above this height to provide a bigger and wider perspective. Drones are limited to line of sight from the Pilot, whilst a helicopter can travel much further (>300 miles) and can cover multiple targets in one sortie. The costs are obviously very different and reflect two completely different methods of image acquisition.

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