Helicopter Services

Higher & longer range capacities

larger camera operations

50 Megapixel image & 4k video

maximum flight time 120 mins

ideal for air to air media

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Helicopter Services

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Sky Pictures
Helicopter Filming & Photography

Helicopter aerial filming offer you the ultimate camera platform, whether you need the highest quality still images or video filming. Our stabilised gimbal system provides a silky smooth result in the beautiful 4K Ultra High Definition format. (UHD)

Using two of our highly experience camera operators, we can shoot both still images and video simultaneously.

Using helicopters also provides a much wider range and images can be acquired at higher altitudes above the ground, where as drones are limited to 400ft AGL.

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Warfleet Dartmouth

Our Guide to Aerial Filming & Photography

Our Guide to Aerial Filming and Photography and been produced by our highly experienced team of pilots and what they have learned over their 45 years in the industry. This Guide gives you all the advantages and disadvantages of the types of methods of image capture, along with useful frequently asked questions and additional information to help you decide which method works for you.

We are passionate about our work and happy to provide you with any help you need to discuss your ideas without any pressure or commitment.

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